Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Here's a very listenable talk from a 2014 URISA conference about what is Open Source and Open Source Web Mapping, with descriptions of three cases of actual implementation. Here's an alternative link to the 26 min video as well. Thanks Alan.

Friday, June 06, 2014

Trinidad & Tobago Data Upgrade

Trinidad & Tobago (Surveys & Mapping Division) will soon complete high-resolution aerial mapping of the entire country, with imagery and elevation data being produced. Statements by the Hon. Minister of Land & Marine Resources and the Commissioner of State Lands have been reported indicating that "the data will form the fundamental datasets upon which the proposed National Spatial Data Infrastructure will be established". Further outcomes will include "elevation models, design of settlement layouts, planning of development and infrastructure like roads, development of flood-mitigation plans, disaster-management planning and assessing the quantity and quality of State Lands. The imagery and elevation data will be available to all public agencies for use in enabling the services they are required to provide." This will be fabulous for the development of Trinidad & Tobago.

P.S. With T&T's participation in UNISDR's Resilient Cities initiative, I wonder if this dataset will be made Open Data, as Hampshire UK recently did with its own similar dataset. Thanks GSDI.