Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remote Sensing of the Forests of Belize 2012

The recent Aug 2012 report 'Forest Cover and Deforestation in Belize, 2010-2012' (6pg PDF) by CATHALAC in collaboration with the Forest Department of the Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries, and Sustainable Development of the Government of Belize, Lancaster University, and the Environmental Research Institute of the University of Belize is interesting in several ways. It estimates Belize's forest cover as recently as of May 2012 (61.64%), and the rate of deforestation over the last two years (0.8%). And following the 2010 study of deforestation in Belize, it demonstrates the successful and consistent application of high-tech methods to natural resources management in a CARICOM/ LAC country. Apparently field verification continues, but Belize must be complimented on this up-to-date delivery. I expect one benefit of these data and the process that generated them will be to place Belize's REDD+ activities on a firm decision making foundation, though clearly that country is taking a considered approach to REDD+.

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