Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Caribbean Waves

From the organisers: This second edition of the Caribbean Waves Conference will be a great opportunity for geophysicists, geologists, geographers, oceanographers and coastal engineers to discuss together about marine natural hazards (tsunamis, swells, surges, flooding) and their generation modes (earthquakes, eruptions, landslides, cyclones, etc.) within the Caribbean with a special attention on the Lesser Antilles islands. All aspects from the description of historical events, results of field surveys and numerical simulations of past and potential events, prediction and mitigation of possible events, risk assessment and early warning systems will be in the framework of the conference. Further discussions about general tectonic, geology, coral reef protection, mangroves rehabilitation processes, etc., are directly concerned. A special session concerning the production of electricity using the waves' energy as a sustainable method is also planned.

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