Thursday, May 05, 2011

CarryMap - Belize Forest Fires

Here's an example of CarryMap in action - a map, and packaged dataset, of the ongoing forest fires in Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, Belize, some 90 odd km southwest of Belize City. The portable viewer in the zip file at the end of the link above needs no software to run! The viewer is packaged with the data and has got the basic features to inquire, pan, zoom, measure distance and switch data layers off and on. It also seems to be able to interface with the user's GPS, which would be interesting, and seems to store (my) placemarks added by the user - so this is a step above just a static map for the user to read-only. The view of the current forest fires in Belize is time-limited up to 11 May 2011 (so have a look before then). Thanks Emil.