Sunday, November 14, 2010

Belize Savannah Ecosystem Map

A project by Edinburgh University, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, the University of Belize, Belize Botanic Gardens, Programme for Belize and other institutions is completing a Map of Savannah Ecosystems in Belize. The team combined SPOT and ALOS PALSAR data together in a Definiens workflow and also utilised IKONOS and LandSat imagery. Field checking is still ongoing and the final revision is expected out in Mar 2011, but the 1st and 2nd links mentioned above provide details of the work and results. The project is also building up local capacity in GIS in Belize, and a variety of resources should also become available for GI professionals to access in the coming year. This project follows one by the EEO in 2008 estimating carbon sequestration using radar imagery. It bears repeating that these EEO projects and those by CATHALAC on mangroves and forests are going to provide a Belleza body of current, quantitative work on remote sensing in the neotropics. Thanks Neil Stuart.


Emil A. Cherrington said...

Hi VJ,

This is great. So two questions:

1. How do we ensure that this sort of research occurs across all of the Caribbean?

2. How do we set up some sort of mechanism (maybe via Caribbean GIS) to make sure we're aware of the various RS-related studies occurring?


Vijay said...

1. The first question is a big one. This sort of research needs the enabling environment. Clearly funds are needed to support the persons who want to pursue this kind of work. However I think that this could be preceded by politicians and decision-makers putting GIS and remote sensing on their country's development agenda, e.g. as tools to achieve more informed, sensible and profitable development.

2. The Caribbean GIS blog will certainly back and promote any effort to distribute results and increase awareness about GIS/RS studies.