Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I mentioned in a previous post that there were free training courses being offered for a few open source GIS software packages (registration for these courses is now closed). I decided to give one course a spin and experience what it is like. First off, the courses are delivered through a web-based open source software called Moodle. I am pretty impressed by this package. It is quite intuitive though they should replace the default theme with a better one. There are also many places where it can be improved esthetically.

The course I opted to take is DIVA-GIS. The website ain't great but the software is. This is the fourth week into it and I'm quite impressed. It's true that it can't do all the fancy stuff ArcMap or ArcView is capable of. However, for basic GIS tasks it does it for free and it's way faster than ArcMap. One thing I noticed so far is its built in capability for working with meteorological data. Those working in the meteorology/environmental field may want to give it a spin and consider taking the free course if it is offered again next year. Even if it's not offered again, the software is pretty intuitive.

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