Thursday, July 12, 2007

IT Competitiveness

The absence of Caribbean nations from the recent Economist Intelligence Unit IT Industry Competitiveness Index (208KB PDF) is striking. Four Latin American countries were ranked in the top 50: Chile (#31), Brasil (#43), Mexico (#44) and Argentina (#45). The report suggests that:
Few nations' IT sectors can compensate for major environmental weaknesses. India and China have been able to parlay unique factors, such as workforce size, low wages or language attributes, into strong IT sector performance, compensating for glaring weaknesses in the industry environment. Few other countries will be able to use similar factors to replicate China’s and India’s success — improvement across all the enablers of IT industry competitiveness is required to build strong IT sectors.

The report offers the following IT enablers:
  • A stable and open business environment that encourages competition
  • Advanced IT and communications infrastructure
  • IT talent and skills development geared to the future
  • Robust protection of intellectual property rights
  • Strong support for innovation
  • Carefully calibrated government support
Do Caribbean governments or the anglophone political bloc have an IT strategy for the region? (Only Guyana has drafted an IT Strategy - though hopefully I'm wrong). How does building an SDI for the region proceed in such an environment?

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