Monday, March 19, 2007

Geo-Application Award 2007

Geo-Application Award 2007
Joan Blaeu @ Prize - JB@P Competition
Call Deadline: April 15th 2007
[Full announcement in PDF (211KB) : Related website]

Challenge of the Prize: The best SDI realization using UNSDI and INSPIRE principles with respect to sustainable regional development and rural knowledge society building. The best three applications will be awarded by certificate and trophy. Information about all eligible applications will be published on CDs, about awarded applications also on Conference pages, EFITA and UNSDI and INSPIRE pages.

The overall purpose of the Joan Blaeu @ Prize, established in the context of the UNGIWG-UNSDI and INSPIRE programmes, is to select examples of best practices in applied Geo-informatics, with emphasis on underdeveloped rural and suburban areas and their population. The reason, why rural and suburban areas were selected for the 2007 Prize is, that rural regions are usually and particularly in the technological sense, underdeveloped, the main focus being generally on development of big cities. The rural areas cover 80 percent of Europe and coverage of other continents like Africa, South America and Asia is higher. Most of environmental applications are also related to rural regions. So there is chance for exchanges of experiences among countries and regions. The aims of the Prize are: to promote existing, in fact working, accessible and intelligible solutions, based on open technologies and standards, to minimise the negative impacts of e-exclusion in society, to improve the overall knowledge of the applied geo- and environmental sciences, to support inexpensive yet complete solutions, and effective working groups.