Monday, October 30, 2006

Notes from Atlantis

There must be something poetic about people meeting to talk about location-aware technology in a resort named after a place that's never been found, but you wouldn't hear any complaints, I'm sure. Even a rainy day could not diminish the visual feast of the location including a spectacular marine aquarium, accessible underground, with sharks including sawtooths and hammerheads, piranhas, barracudas, grouper and giant rays gliding an arms reach away from the viewer. But about the Conference ...

The URISA 2006 Caribbean GIS Conference had an excellent, well-organised start. There are lots of attendees (300 odd), and the pre-conference workshops were well attended; the one on Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) went well past its scheduled closing time of 5pm due to attendee-interest. The programme ahead has something of interest in several areas; Conservation, Urban Planning, Coastal Zone Management, Cadastre Management, Disaster Management, Modeling, etc. are probably expected areas of interest, but the schedule also includes presentations in Archaeology/ Forensics, Law Enforcement, Web GIS and Mobile GIS.

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