Saturday, October 21, 2006

Disaster Planning in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is a zone of hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes and floods. If the Caribbean stops at this list, it has overlooked another major threat to the small island states and the coast of Latin America; many researchers have proposed the theory of global warming from climate change which will lead to sea level rise. Sea level rise further increases our vulnerability and associated risks.

Map shows 'live' volcanoes in the Eastern Caribbean (Source:

Disaster planning and management is utilising Geographic Information System (GIS) by using its technology and application. Whether it’s preparing evacuation maps and zones of influence, to the cell phone messages of warnings within a certain radius, the use of GIS is expanding with the pace for improved planning to save lives.

The compilation of websites for data and information provides a clear understanding on the strides made to use GIS for better planning and preparation in light of the recent heightened activities occurring in the Caribbean. Over the years, much research has been compiled and reports presented on these disasters. We will proceed first with volcanoes.

Check these websites for current research on the Volcanoes in the Caribbean:-

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