Saturday, October 14, 2006

Caribbean GIS Reloaded

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This is the new home of Caribbean GIS, the resource formerly located at It serves the GIS and wider community, particularly that of the Caribbean and surrounding areas. Technology (i.e. the application of) is a significant factor in development. The UN Economic & Social Council said this in more detail in 2004.

In particular, meeting the MDGs [Millennium Development Goals for 2015] will require building a solid national science and technology base to enable the generation, use and diffusion of scientific and technological knowledge. Academia/government/industry partnerships are essential in building scientific and technological capabilities and fostering market-oriented policies and developments. Also essential is access to new and emerging technologies, which requires technology transfer, technical cooperation and building a scientific and technological capacity to participate in the development, mastery and adaptation of these technologies to local conditions.

GIS is relatively new technology (e.g. Waldo Tobler in 1959, Roger Tomlinson in 1963 and Jack Dangermond in 1969 - snapshots by CASA UCL), and with its explosive growth in complexity, an emerging science. The countries of this region face unique circumstances and deficiencies when it comes to the adoption of new technologies/ solutions; and with GIS being powerful, its concepts and utility are not easy to grasp either. So, even with the successes it has certainly had in the region, GIS has not made the wide inroads into agriculture, disaster management, coastal zone management, health care, criminology, etc., that it could. will be talking about policies, developments, successes and issues in GIS. We hope the new format suits you the viewer, and further encourages your participation for the region's benefit.

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